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What are TSCM, Debugging, and Bug Sweeps All About?

The Threat - Illegal Eavesdropping in the United Kingdon

The majority of this equipment is illegally imported into the United Kingdom from France, Germany, Lebanon, Italy, Canada, Israeli, England, Japan, Taiwan, South Africa, and a host of other countries.

Additionally, anyone with a soldering iron and a basic understanding of electronics can build and install an eavesdropping device. The raw materials to build such a device may be easily obtained. or salvaged from consumer electronic devices such as cordless telephones, intercom systems, and televisions.

In the United Kingdom over two millions pounds worth of surveillance devices are sold to the public each day. Most of these products are sold from storefront operations, spy shops, Internet and via private investigators located in major city centres such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, and Glasgow. This does not include the tens of billions spent each year for legitimate eavesdropping products purchased by law enforcement, military, and intelligence agencies worldwide.

This equipment is commonly sold over the counter, via mail order, and through the Internet. Most of these bugging devices cost only a few pounds, but highly sophisticated, quality products may be purchased for less than one thousand pounds.

The Police and other agencies have repeatedly indicated that they lack the resources and training to enforce or properly investigate the technical security threat within the United Kingdon. Law enforcement agencies in general lack either the training or equipment to perform bug sweeps. It is rare for a company that offers private investigative services to have even the slightest clue how to perform a bug sweep (although many think they do). {Useful hint: Never engage someone to perform a bug sweep for you unless they have an extremely strong technical background, and always ask them if they already have all of the equipment that they need to do the job, or if they will need to purchase anything... You will be amazed how many private investigators this last question will make run away almost like their hair is on fire as many of them lack the equipment to do a sweep.}

Technical surveillance and industrial espionage is a serious problem which can have a VERY GRAVE IMPACT on your company and your own personal freedoms.

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Surveillance       ::      Matrimonial      ::      Security Equipment      ::      Vehicle Tracking      ::      Bug Detection (TSCM)

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